Desire… that’s what I feel when you are nearby

and your aroma fills my nose and

your voice fills my ears and

you draw me near and near

and you make me fall more and more.


Exceptional is what you are,

and my heart beats and pounds like a loud banging of a door

in a calm dark night and afraid that you will hear it

but hoping that you will acknowledge the beating, because my heart, is indeed beating for you


Confused as to what you feel,

I know it will never top my feelings,

for what I feel right now

is utmost admiration for a human like you,

but your feelings are at a none, while mine skyrocket every second


Even your flaws are small masterpieces that the gods cannot defy,

and I am left blind because all I see is perfection in you,

but never none in me


In case you are wondering,

I never ever thought about feeling this type of affection for you,

it just happened like the change of time

or a sudden change of rainy day to sunny day


To be completely true,

my heart does beat for you,

but know now that I know that yours

will never beat for me,

for your heart is slowly and slowly perhaps beating for another

And I am still left with that desire that cannot leave me

It is quite deceiving

and almost quite revealing

And will probably drive me crazy until you become mine

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