To Him

To the boy I have feelings for

From the girl who can’t take it anymore


What hurts more than heartbreak 

is the fact I saw a future

But all the damage and pain

Lonely, afraid, I’m not sure


Contour, chisel, frame

You make me feel ashamed

I watch you with another girl

Jealous of you calling her name


Messed around with you and lost myself

Still miss the smell of your sweater

But this is bad for my health


Trying to move on is a hassle 

Wish you treated me like a princess in a castle

Because all I can see is your face in a dream

Were things really as bad as they seemed?


I still see a future, I wish it was better

This isn’t black mail, just a love letter


But did everything mean nothing to you?

When it ended I was surprised but I already knew

I’m happy for you, I swear this is true

But moving on makes me feel blue


At the end of the day

I look up to the sky and pray

If we’re meant to be, it’ll happen

God sees the truth while the devil is laughing

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