Dear Him,

We became close over our non-snowy christmas break. We did a lot over those two measly weeks from going to eat at whataburger to being at the house bundled up in what seemed like hundreds of blankets watching movies all night. We had late night runs to the gas station to grab snacks and end up falling asleep surrounded by them, then waking up the next morning laughing about how silly we look. I bought you things you needed or just cause you liked it. I was there to support you with anything and help you get through things. We were something, that felt good. As the final days of the break dwindle down, we knew we were going to become busy again with school. We were beginning to slowly drift away starting with small conversations to just being a "Streak" on Snapchat that also ended shortly after. We both said that we were not going to look for someone else because you are going off to college and it is my most important year in high school which is junior year. But i was the only one who kept their word. YOU deided to talk to some other girl. YOU decided to act like i don't exist. YOU decided to choose to say "i can't today" when i asked to go to lunch with you just to be with her "lowkey". I miss you and me. What did i do to deserve this? how could you do this to the person who just wanted to give you the world and bought you things you needed ? we were beyond something at one point, but now we are nothing but a slight two week memory.




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