I could compile songs regarding you, 

I could sing how my heart was broken

I could sing how I was only a token. 

But you were my beauty, 

my profound duty. 

Ignoring the tears, 

hoping he'd be my dear. 

The pain was slight

I struggled with all my might. 

He drove me crazy. 

I sat dazedly. 

Recalling that he once loved me. 

Frightened I was never his "one to be." 

Wake me up, I've been dreaming. 

while he's in my head beaming. 

I discovered a cure

to turn my heart pure. 

I reminisce on the day we sat a played, 

when you kissed me my day was made.  

The pouring rain hid our quivering breath, 

I thought this would be my death. 

When you laced your hand upon mine, 

the sun began to shine.

We exist side by side. 

Yet, I was the one who lied. 

Hiding from him

standing on a limb.

He was the finest part of life, 

one day I'll become his wife. 


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