Sitting here the room is spinning,

My listening ears have started quitting.

My mind has gone all askew,

The pencil has yet to start anew.

The payout is grand,

Yet I can astand,

The mind is a trick,

The brain is a prick.

A skill untaught,

Will make most rot.

We do our best,

Never rest.

Point A to E,

Always forgetting B, C, and D.

There was a sound,

So big and loud.

A wave and a voice,

A scream without choice.

Looking up to see,

My friend looking at me with glee.

The echo of a bell,

A quiet tell.

The day is done,

Ready for fun.

A leap and hop,

A bump and a stop.

The door is there,

Standing bare.

Another step,

Away I crept.

Freedom is here,

Give it a cheer.

Until the morning,

Comes without warning.

And over again the room starts spinning,

And the listening ears start quitting.

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