"Highest Peak"

Tue, 06/18/2013 - 00:31 -- dvega99

My energy is real
For it is all that I can feel
The desire to attract
the perfect words
Fills the
that may lack
The ability to
B r e a t h e
…Deep within me…
And in my thoughts
Though constrained
they instantly come undone…
…Many thoughts that attempt to
R u n
Through me
I trap
Once they are written -
-Written words
More powerful than my very own
Written words that I can hardly keep

Written words that no one can
Keep shut
Not even with their own

N o One
Will ever
Be able to
Quiet those who
…written words
Fill the skies with such great might
….written words
are the loudest screams
the loudest cries
the loudest visions
the clearest intentions
…written words
come from hearts so pure
and filled with redemption
…written words…
Can be such a strength
To those who are weak
…written words…
Can elevate you
To the highest
…why I write…
It’s to fuel my soul.



"Highest Peak" by Daisy V.

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