High School Sweetheart-break

‘L’ is for the way you left me, abandoning my heart
leaving me to carry this emotional back pack.
I was helpless, it weighed me down and like a vagabond
I had nowhere to take heart-rending refuge
but a home I built out of anger with walls of stubbornness
and a roof made of woe.

‘O’ this is pain I will never forget
Until this day I will never know how many girls you’ve slept with,
not including the one you got pregnant.
I watched you be negligent with hearts and I guess I wasn’t
good enough from the start. You looked me in my eyes and
told me that you – lust! That’s what it was! That’s what had you
carrying other girls’ textbooks?

‘V’ for how very keen you were to pursue them
did you value me at all? I was the good girl you were the bad guy,
I see why you left. You wanted climb up my beanstalk and awaken
my golden egg but I kept it sacred how very wise of me. My giants were
on guard, being sure that you didn’t rob me of anything.

‘E’ for every time I let you in, there you go, breaking me again.
You had many, yes plenty! What a shame. You pepped my rally
then left me for the cheerleaders at the football game. Which
is why at prom, I danced alone. Came, left, went straight back

Years ago it seem like that was, I was in a freshman state of mind.
Tears shed; wisdom was conceived, no longer blind. That advanced me
to a senior, I got stronger, and God changed my demeanor.
I graduated from pain, I’m not the same, and I’m healed.
Lesson learned: Boys aren’t worth it. On your grades, stay focused!
It’s a must! In the end, you’ll earn an A plus! Some things aren’t meant.
Next time with my heart, I’ll be much more hesitant.

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