High School


First day of High School my stomach feeling queasy

Thinking to myself I knew this wasn't going to be easy  

Out of my house and all the way to the bus

Attending High School as a Freshman is an unfortunate must

Scurrying all around like a little mouse

Williston High School seemed like a death house

Finally next year another step up

A Sophomore now not just a little pup

Earning respect now from my peers

A bigger man in high school now facing my fears

Here I am as another year goes by

I cannot believe how the time fly’s

Im a Junior now just letting the time pass

Thinking i'm “too cool for school” I sometimes skip class

All the classes now seem a bit boring

Now and then I catch myself snoring

Finally a Senior as big as an ox

All I do in class now is watch clocks

Almost out of school now and i cannot wait

I am almost out of the place that i hate



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