high school

you walk into the doors of a new place

few but slim familiar face

the start of a new journey

the start of a giant step

a step into your future

a step into your life

the start of what you will accomplish

the start of the rest of your life


you meet new people

some are tall

some are small

some are old

some are bold

some are smart

some smell like fart


the teachers try and help you succeed 

they help you with anything you need

except if you try to be fly

and skip class to be with a guy


you join sports and clubs

interact with the school activities

go to the friday night football games

you make memories youll never forget


now you are walking

hundereds of eyes staring at you

you shake your princables hand 

and your teachers too

you take pictures with friends 

you may never see again

some laugh while others cry

these are the memories that last forever


now you are off to a new experience



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