High School

High School- 

My freshmen year was okay. I was living in a family shelter in Brooklyn, New York. There was a boy that liked me. So, he would bully me every single day. One day after history class, I chased him, and hit him with a umbrella until school safety had to stop me. We was both suspended for 3 day's. I wasn't happy about it.

High School-

Our parent's had to come to the school to resolve the situation. So, they changed my whole class courses. Then, this boy would stalk me all day in school. Worst freshmen year ever. My family moved to Staten Island, New York. So, I started going to a new high school. I was always a shy kid, so I sat by myself at lunchtime. Started making new friend's within a month. I only hang out with the special education student's, and I became very popular within time.

High School-

I remember trying out for cheerleading squad, and the bellydancing team. Senior year was hard for me. Barely was attending class. Of course I did all extra credit work, and helped my teacher's before and after classes. Went to detention for 2 hour's every time my mouth gotten me in trouble. Graduated on July 1st,2009! I miss high school.

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