High School


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High school is a time for freedom
This is what all middle schoolers dream of
The moment you first take these big steps
The time you have to "STOP!" and catch your breath

High school takes time to get used to
It is a time to spare from them to you
The only thing that can get in your way
Is your ability to be a leader and stay

From pre-k to kindergarten are the baby steps
But those are the easiest they all say
Letters, numbers, and colors is what you have to learn
There is nothing that's too stern

From elementary to middle school is such a relieve
You know you made it this far so let it be
It gets a little difficult as time goes by
Don't give up you have to keep going and fight
Middle school is the beginning of temptation
But did you know about the emancipation?
You have your freedom, and it's okay to say no
Be the outsider and stand out with a so
Girls have sex, and become heart broken when the boy doesn't come back
But little do they know he has other plans in his sack

Girl you better watch out
Some guys are only about one thing
That thing
From middle school to high school is the greatest time
Now everybody can see you shine
Even though times may feel like rain
You have to be tough and feel the pain
No pain, no gain
Freshman year is the year to make a title
Not the year to worship the wrong idol
Pick friends wise
Because some of them will despise
Don't be naïve
You have so much more to achieve

When you run into people that you assume are cool
But then they go behind your back and play you like an easy fool
Don't give in to the ignorance
Stay in your zone and play the victim
Guys are the number one downfall in high school because of love
Love won't always get you through
He knows you are easy by your actions in front of him
He decides to manipulate you into him being your first
You find out later on you are pregnant and he bails out but you are stuck with the kid
Abortion is not the answer because you were woman enough to lay down so take care of it
I advise you to listen
Because this is what goes on so pay attention

High school is no deal to play with
High school is it
You are what you do
That is your rep for you
Now here is high school I thought I wouldn't come to see
But now everybody is looking at me
Peer pressure, friends, and relationships get in the way
But you have to tell satan to stay away

When you finish high school then there is college
Don't be afraid everything will be okay
From baby to teenager then adult
Time is going by fast and it's nobody's fault

High school oh high school will you prepare me
This time of life seems to become the most melancholy
You make of it what you want
Paint a brighter picture than statistics with your outsider font

High school, oh high school
High school



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