High line Park

                       High line Park


An abandoned elevated freight railway,

Rescued destiny of demolition,

Rebuilt an unique sky garden greenway,

Stretching long across the city heart.


Yes,a natural wilderness and disorder;

Clusters of wildflowers and grasses,

Rusted rails, ruined warehouses,

Heavy steel beam brackets,broken walls,

Forming a historical bleakness.


Walk through the trails,bend or straight,

Hostel and market atriums;

Covered with gravel,moss, lichens, or

Stalks of herbaceous fern,low bushes,

Willow,birch,holly , lightly swaying among.


Here also native flowers and plants;

Daisies,roses,red buds,wild ginger,and

Violets,wild geraniums.


Traverse the changing urban landscape;

River sunset,pier scene,graffiti and sculpt art,

Small trapezoidal grandstand square,

And moving high cranes in rumble.


Splashing and squatting,

Half lying on movable wooden lounge chair,

Gaze at tall skyscrapers and bustling crowds,

Sheltering in the jungle of cement steel frame,

The sky is not the limit……





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