Dynamic energy



Begging to escape

And I won't let it


Though bright

Though powerful

Though brilliant

It is vulnerable

It is afraid


Like the single flame of a candle

It burns hot

It is beautiful

But a single blow can destroy it

Can erase it


And should such a thing happen to me?

I shudder to think...


The inner person is one but many

A fighter

An artist

A victim

A murderer


So many beings

So many personas

So many characters

So many ideas

Packed tightly into but one soul


At times they fight for dominance

At times they cooperate

And work together to create something beautiful

When wounded

They disappear


Leaving a shell


Never, though, do they escape



That would be far too dangerous

Too risky

Exposing such a small flame

To raging, abusive winds


So I cower among the rocks

Desperately looking for shelter

From the ongoing storm

From the winds

From the people


People who will never



Who I am

I shrink deeper into my shell

Avoiding the torments

Of those who'd wish me to hell


Dropping the walls would be asking for abuse

Giving them something delicate to shred

Offering up myself for their use



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