Hidden Smile


                             Look at her, you don't notice the tremendous tears she holds within.  Only few will see her pain, while many will ask who causes this horrible pain. Haughty will stop and stare desiring to feel this ignorant shell leaving a trail across a trembling heart. Foot marks shield the beauty she once emerged in a spotlight, her feeling's are never displayed, but it overwhelms  her fragile head. Walks through thick crowds with no  pain on her face, The damage is never great for someone as fragile with a helping grip. Never feels onerous always pleased to help the weak always thinks twice before saying what on her mind;  for some reason never succeeds and many times feels frail. Never comprehends why, and many times questions her misfortunes. Never receives a response; tears become oceans of her minor sprinkled eyes. Reaches her arms to the sky, rises up and cleanses her mind thanks once and twice for the good virtues she has in her life. At the end of the cold night she doesn't mind the ones that walk away, but becomes frightened of the ones who stay with a double face. Through those deep thoughts she rises and forgets all that, for the day of tomorrow the best is yet to come.                                      you        


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