Hidden Sins in Church of God

Tue, 07/22/2014 - 11:30 -- Telaya

"Hey." "Hi." "I like those earrings." "Thank you, and I like your hair. Who did your hair?" "My mom." "Ah. She did great with your long and thick natural hair." "Thank you." "You are so welcome."


We check our hairs, check our nails, check our dresses to see did we leave stains from breakfast, without letting the other parties know.

We make these uncreative smiles to the other parties to make ourselves sure that we are doing just fine.

We are back in service.

We praise the Lord and shouting Thank you, Jesus. Over and over againt.

Elders are the ones to blame to be dressed up and civil when we're not, wanting us to act what we're not.

Because we like to have fun! Isn't that too bad?

We like to Facebook, Instagram, tweet, Tumble online all day, staying in our lines on our social grounds.

We say its hard work, but it seems easy, because we care about what people think.

The pastors do it, evangelists do it, ministers do it, preachers do it, bishops do it, the choir does it, the dancers do it, the cooks do it, the children do it, some babies do it, the most religious do it, and even the elders do it.

But, I'm not it's a hidden sin. I'm saying it is human nature.

Some of us asked, "Why did Jesus turn water into wine?"

The concerned asked, "Why did swine cross America in 2009?"

The depressed asked, "If God is so good, why did He let bad things happen to good people?!"

This is the thinking of human nature, not just the theory of mind.

Jesus heals the blind and the deaf by opening their eyes and cleaning out their ears.

Jesus touched a sick little girl to cast out seven demons.

Everyone thought He was a freak.

The athiests call us Jesus freaks.

But, what the athiests and carnal church folks don't know is Jesus didn't just sacrifice Himself to save us all from sin, but...

To let us know that He will be watching us in hidden corners while enduring the crisis with the response of "fight-or-flight".

Jesus walks with sinners to save us from going to hell.


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