Hidden Childhood

I've got a hole in my heart,
It's where my childhood once sat.
When I see more of what I lost,
That hole just grows bigger.
Maybe my problems can be,
Rooted back to my old friends.
I had to let them go,
So now I always let go of others.
And I feel nothing,
When my friends fall away.
Where did my childhood go?
Where did my childhood go?
I was too young to see what I had lost.
I was too old to try and change it.
I had to let go of what I lost,
That's why there's a hole in my heart.
Without my childhood,
What can I be?
You're mature for your age,
They say.
It'll all be okay,
They say.
Maybe it's trapped in my brain
Trust issues and lies,
It's guards.
Should I even let it out?
How do I let it out?
Where did my childhood go?

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