She was strong, though I first considered her weak

She taunted and teased; laughing maliciously at all of your flaws

She broke you down and watched the tears well up in your eyes

She had no soul

She was empty

Or so I believed

Her own demons called to her

Whispering, "Come and play"

The light glittered off the blade

Dancing in what little space there was

Her curly brown hair now rough

Her deep brown eyes laced with an interesting mixture of fear and pleasure

Tears rolled down her cheeks, yet she giggled like a child

She bit her tongue and held the blade closer to her

She held it so gently

With elegance and care

I walked toward her

And she just stared

At the blood




I held her hand and

We washed the blood away

She shivered,

Repeating a terrified apology

I spoke to her as if she was a young child

Naive to the wrong she had done

I never asked why

We both knew the reason

I calmed her

I left


I left her to silence her own demons

I took the blade with me

Leaving her to her own destruction

I knew she'd try again

I also knew she was smart, clever

And in the end that would save her

The very next day, she was back on the prowl

She would taunt, she would tease, she would point out all my flaws

I let her lead me down an imaginary black trail

Misery followed me

But I didn't mind

We both knew

But neither would tell

I showed her the warmth

But left her exposed to the cold


This poem is about: 
My community


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