Hi Friend

Hi friend,

We haven't had a heart to heart in a while

I miss our meaninigful conversations

The both of us laying in bed and just talking

Reminiscing on the day's events and laughing until we can't breathe


Hi friend,

I miss your confidence

And how you always seem to instill confidence in me

You've always been there to make me smile

And you always loved me for me


Hi, friend

I miss your motivation

How you were always there to lift me up

You made me believe in myself and the things that I could do

And you always had my back no matter what


Hi friend,

I miss your laugh

The way your eyes would go wide

Your mouth open so much that all of your teeth would show

The pure and uter happiness that radiated from your body


Hi friend,

I miss your hugs

You would always let me wrap my arms over your shoulder

Whilst yours wrapped around my around my back

And the warmth that your body gave me


Hi friend, 

I love you

And I miss you

I hope all is well

And I hope that you're happy



Your friend Nduoma

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