hey 'mom'

Hey mom,

Was wondering

If I hate you as

Much as you

Always hated me


I hate you

For not knowing

My favourite food



Most importantly

I hate you

For not knowing me


Was wondering

If we are the same

If you like what I love

If we can ever be together

Ever again


Was wondering

How can I forgive you?

For taking the idea of hope



All away from me

At such an early age


I hate you for allowing myself

To think about you

Every second of the day

I hate you for leaving me

Dying alone in all this pain


People say

Hate is a strong word

People say

There’s nothing

More powerful

Than a mother’s love

But again, people say a lot of things

And these are which

I’ll never associate myself with


I’ll be glad if I can talk to you


Hoping if we can be related

With the hope, you’ll love me

As much as I love you

With the hope

That everything can be as

Good as it was

Once upon a time


Lots of love…

Your daughter

This poem is about: 
My family


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