He's a user


you used me for your pleasure

then threw my away like trash 

the sad thing is... you used me for my feelings

you didn't recieve anything else but me caring for you

I stayed up every night on the phone talking to you

even when you fell asleep I was still on that phone

babbling away

you used me and said " I did like you " 

oh did you now?

thats funny because you called me a side hoe

you pushed me away and a year later

after all my overthinking and wondering

all I was to you was a side chick

I feel stupid

I feel hurt

but most of all humilated would be the perfect word

for how I feel

I thought we could have been something

I told my family about you

how stupid I was for that 

It hurts when your grandmother asks" how is he?"

all I could say at the time was I don't know

we no longer speak

god, I was an idiot for thinking he cared

or even better, that he was changing for the better

he never did

and he never will

but thats okay

because I can finally say













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