He's In My Stride


Long legs
Short hair
Blue eyes
Learned from a young age how to tell lies
The bruises painting my skin made it hard to fit in, I didn't want to anyway. Who had time to play? I had bills to help pay.
Long nights
Short rides
Dead eyes. 
They'd take me home with the crumpled up bills in my hand, I was way to young to be pleasing a man. 
10 years.
Broken heart
Drowning in tears
I walked into the high school, the perfect picture of quirky so many called me dorky but I didn't care I was hiding so many things behind my mess of curly hair. 
7 classes
No friends
I was looking for a way to make it end.
But I met this one girl she made a difference she seemed to know my secret in an instant. 
Long talks
Tried to lie
Couldn't hide the tears in my eyes. 
She introduced me to Him, the one who really did it all in the end. The man upstairs who made this all possible, who made my dreams unstoppable. 
3 more years
Grown up a bit.
I've changed so much from that scrawny misfit. 
I've accomplished goals, I'll go on to accomplish some more, until I'm able to get up and walk right through that door and out on my own ready to show the world, I'm more than any broken down girl. 
I've got The Lord by my side, He's there in each stride He's watching me now, a happy tear in His eye. I've made Him proud, He's made me wise.  Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 


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