He's legally Killing Me

Thu, 08/18/2016 - 17:54 -- BN15

It cuts like a knife,

yet it brings me life. 


There is so much hate

and I’m crushed under the weight.


It’s so encouraging and nice 

it provides love, joy, and peace.


There is so much fear and doubt

the pain makes me want to shout.


It results in gratification 

and eases my frustrations.


It makes my heart break

and leaves me lying awake. 


It causes my heart to leap

and I think about it as I drift off to sleep.


It pierces through my soul

and leaves an ever gapping hole.


It restores all my feelings 

and brings about healing. 


It locks me up 

and throws away the key.


It sets me free

and gives me the key. 


It slithers off your tongue like a snake in the dead of night

however, the damage is as great as dynamite. 


It’s comforting and warm

like a blanket in the middle of a storm.


It’s the words you speak 

that build me up or makes me feel weak.


Your tongue brings death and life

one moment your stabbing me with a knife,


but the next your fighting to keep me alive

you’re offering me your blood so that maybe I will survive. 


You’re using the power of death and life,

and I never know if I’m gonna embrace praise or have to fight. 


You’ve taken control simply by the words you’ve spoken

because they either leave me whole or broken.


I want to walk away, 

but I want to stay.


Even in the moments of devastation

I remember the words of validation. 


Sometimes it causes despair

other times I need it as bad as air. 


So I remain

no matter how great the pain. 


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