heroin heroine

try it once

try it twice

try it again

try to crawl back into your mangled skin

try heroin

how does it feel to lose your fear of needles and gain a new one

the fear of your mother finding your rotted body on the floor screaming at the top of her lungs,

'what in gods name have you done!'

how does it feel to have blood stains on the inner elbows of the sweater nana knitted for you

how does it feel to spend birthday money on black tar honey

how does it feel to put one need over another for so long you wake up on the street and realize you havent ate for a week

how long does that baby have to cry for you to feed it

did you name her destiny because you knew she wouldn't live to fulfill it

did you spend the support on the only thing that reminds you of life before you ran out of money to live like a human

heroin is a mean motherfucker

doesn't mean you get to forget about me and believe me when I say I love you

doesn't mean you get to be afraid of IV's and sob on your knees begging please

anything for money, I see.




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