heroin diaries


the track marks are like a map

of your cold and twisted heart,

your dead eyes show all

the emptiness.

you loved me but you loved

the heroin more.

it was your drug and you were mine.

and i was always second place to the needle

you swam through my veins.

while i was drowning, you could breathe

i thought saving you was worth

the darkness

but by trying to find you

i lost me

you were the addict

but i was the junkie

one more hit of you and

i would be fine

you don't destroy the people you love

and that's why i'm ruined

that's all you ever did.

the screaming felt better than

the haunting silence

and the nice you was never sober

people looked on

inside i slowly died.

the innocence was gone.

i sold my soul for your attention

you barely knew i was there

the anger, the pain, the hate

your lifeless body on the floor

the needle in your vein was more

than i could give you

heat up the spoon

just to make yourself feel

just to escape the terror of

your own thoughts

your mind is a prison cell

and i'm locked up.

the only freedom is numbness

my only freedom is you

my name tattoed on your chest

i'll never make it out

and now that you're gone

i'm still sinking

you still manage to win

i'm searching for something i

know i'll never get

because once it's shattered

it's always broken

and i'm always broken.




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