The Hero Will Be Me

Memories of destruction,

On my heart and mind


Sewing up the wounds,

Caused by my once upon hero,

Who turned into the villain


Life isn’t a fairytale,

Yet I’m stuck in a castle,

And the only one who can save me is myself


Walls and floors build,

From the years I was broken,

When my faith was tested


The tears I cried,

Filled the moat below,

And I am still drowning


My castle will be destroyed,

Brick by brick,

Until the only thing left standing is,



Bracing myself,

So I can let in the world without,



Slowly building the foundation,

Needed to strive for success,

Under my own conditions


With no shadows cast,

Of whom I’m expected to be,

Because my villain was blood


I am no princess,

But you were never a hero to me


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