Hero Wanted For Others

                                                       Hero wanted 

                                                No experience necessary 

                                                       A hand is needed

                              To help pick us up,from where we have fallen

                                                    A smile is wanted 

                                 It doesn't have to be big, just sincere 

                                                      please help

      We may not call out,but the marks on our arms should be calling enough

                                                 aproach with caution 

                    we are easily scared,and have been told enought lies

                                                treat with kindness

   we may be difficult to get to know at first, or maybe we feed You lies

                                                guide with patience 

                       any kind of anger can send us back to point one 

                                               listen with understanding

                                  you may not understand,but neither do we 

                                                     speak softly

                         we are fragile,but still tough, Do Not underestimate

                                                    touch gently 

                       we may be scared easily and don't like physical touch

                                                  truth necessary 

                                   Do Not speak lies, we will know 

                                                    but please

             we still need help,we may not seem like we care but we 

            do and I thank you for those who can't



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



this is for those who want to say thanks to those 

helped them but don't know how~Seawolf

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