here`s the plan

here is the plan 

you are prolly not used to this

the old fashion of love

im a 90`s hopeless romantic

stuck in a twenty something body 

and a teenage mind,unfortunately.

stuck in a generation that isnt too proud of having emotions


here`s my plan

we`ll start as friends

not the kind that makes me feel drained at the end of the day

but the kind that gives me space when i need it

the kind that calls and i wouldnt have to dodge

the kind that will sit down and help me plan not just get high

but we`ll also get high and loose track of time

the kind that will make me  laugh when i`m sad

however in reallife

ill prolly come off as too needy

or too clingy


here`s my plan 

i`ll love you slowly

i`ll give us time

they say good things take time,right?

all this for you

because you are my end of the decade plan.


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