Here's to:

Mon, 08/03/2015 - 22:25 -- Shawna

Here's to the long summer nights that you swore would never end.
Here's to those risky texts that you just couldn't send.
Here's to the sadness you felt when that boy broke your heart.
Here's to the anger at watching your world fall apart.
Here's to your mother's arms and the solace they bring.
Here's to your father's voice even though he can't sing.
Here's to driving too fast with the wind in your hair.
Here's to laughing so loud that people start to stare.
Here's to all those with whom we've lost touch.
Here's to over thinking and caring too much.
Here's to you and here's to me.
Here's to the sky and here's to the sea.
Here's to the death of a star and the budding of a blossom.
Here's to life, because every aspect is awesome.

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