Silence again and Watch and see.

A reflection of me some how slipped though my mask and made it's self known underneath the cracks that I wanted to cry but I kinda held back from my tears as if they were my fears.

I text fast trying to see if you knew What's happen to me I got sad.

But if you saw me you couldn't notice a thing inside as if I was ready to pop.

That I stop and say I'm faking it just to make it all stop.

I get hot and sweaty because you begin to see how that wave comes by and unlocks the door of all the emotions I held in that made the door overflow to see the things hidden become exposed.

I'm not shy but maybe I am.

hat I become something I'm not to see if it makes you happy.

Affection addiction that makes me see something that I'm not TRY AND CHANGE ME .

To see in your eyes you love me for me.

But there goes that wave knocking me down back under the sea as I grasps for air Because I want to know my obstacle Because I didn't want to fear but be brave so brave that myself could become stronger to see that whom begin to open and reveal Why it didn't heal.

Creeping and staying calm so that my panic wouldn't show my flows Because I like people to see What I wanted them to see.

A person of a lie that stay quiet Because What she speaks covers more of her voice then the voices in my head.

No tears felled from my eyes but I felt something different.

I felt a part of me disappear in that moment I had to live without something.

WARNING you to walk away from me because I was used to seeing  you from behind.

That I wanted to cry but I felt useless but still had a piece of use to say these words because I couldn't tell you face to face.

I get rushed into an emotion that triggers everything else behind it. Staying PUT TOGETHER STAYING PUT TOGETHER.


Look me in the eyes what do you See as you fill my sight with a image of your presents as I take a step back and watch you become smaller and smaller  to only fade away.

WALK away from me leave me behind because the more I stay is the more the person everyone looks up to begins to rust in a casket of things I sat in and never tried to clean up.

I'm fealty of dryness because I never wanted to cry !!!!


 How can I show you why should I show you look at you feeling sorry for me I don't need anything from No one as you See me become angry that I explode...


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