Here’s to Hoping

In this life there are no guarantees and there will forever be things that remain mysteries, but... here's to hoping.

Here's to hoping that the future looks brighter than it may seem. It may look like it's falling apart at the seams, have you crawling on your knees sometimes, and I know these hard times make you believe a thing called love is few and far between but if you could just hold onto that mustard seed, I promise...

Wait I can't promise, but here's to hoping.

Here's to hoping that the next day is better than the last. Even when everyone is just trying to outlast because they're aren't able to fully grasp that they're meant to push past all these typecasts, you be the contrast

and even when the world gasps

you laugh.

Here's to hoping for a better tommorrow,

because in this world HOPE is all we really have. That turns out to be a good thing cause really HOPE is all we really need.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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