Her World Changed

Her World Changed

Cyndy Pierson

Her ears, slightly covered with brunette, bouncy curls overheard her mother and father fighting for what had to be the fifth time today. He rampaged through her bedroom door with Christmas colored cheeks and watery sky-blue eyes. Hannah Montana played on the television in the background of the five-year-old daughters’ bedroom. Mac and cheese filled the plastic container along with hot dogs on the plate next to it. As the father starts informing his precious baby girl about what had happened she feels her world stop. Her vision becomes blurry instead of crystal clear and her eyes filled with hope and happiness is quickly restored with despair and confusion. She watches her father, her best-friend, walk out of her white-walled bedroom filled with the smell of kids’ toys and mac and cheese with a black leather bag in his hand. She hears the sliding glass door glide on the metal tracks but quickly close, bouncing off the hinge of the door stop, the door now open just a crack. She rushes out to the living-room that used to be filled with happiness and family nights full of board games and movies. The silence hits her like a hurricane. The room now only occupied by her and the tears that are streaming down her face as she watches her father disappear behind the trees filled with Christmas red leaves, like the color that matched his cheeks only just five minutes ago.


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My family
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