Her Wants and Needs


Her back is enflamed

A heating pad smothers her left foot

Every day

She swears by that pad

“I’ll get the feeling back one of these days”

Every day

The clinic can only do so much to help

She must be saved from herself

Every day



I want to save you from yourself

You want to know that I’m eating enough

I want to indulge in your aspirations

You want to see me finish college

I want to complete this most important assignment

You want to support my love of writing

I want to pen your way to comfort

You want to live wherever I choose to settle down

I want to give you a home that has never been a house

You want to sacrifice your posture to strengthen my backbone

I want to align your spine with the best of doctors

You want to watch me do that which makes me smile

I want to rid you of the ability to frown



To be an accomplished author

To run remarkable distances

To break hula hooping records

To bake the perfect cookie

To live the ‘perfect’ life

But to be more than myself

To allow another to have the bigger piece of cake with more frosting

To send the heating pad packing

To give my mom feeling and reason to be happy again

That is my dream job


MVP-Most Valuable Poet


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