Her Suicide

Dried rust covers the walls turned iron,

covered in hydraulic spurts of super glued wounds,

Bursting pressure of pipes gouged and crushed from the outside in,

Cutting tension in the taught rope,

covering the once loved shame in a blanket of dysphoria,


Soot and ash weeping from those green ocean eyes,

The clouds grow grey and cover the skies,

Look the destruction wrought by the storm,

Scarification now marks the Nile that no longer flows,

Winds of lips never to whisper again the Sahara,


Who knew the kiss of Thanatos echoed that of Aphrodite,

Pale vegetation against the ashen ground,

fade in contrast to white paper shreds, burning at the edges,

Seeping red smoke into abyssal purgatory,


Questions unasked,

sentiments unsought,

The body so nakedly defiled,


No name ever belonged,

But I'd imagine her name was Sam


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