Her Suicide

Charismatic and popular,

Not a day goes by when someone doesn’t talk to her,

Her laugh rings throughout the halls,

She’s the queen of cool and everyones dream,

Boys fall at her feet and girls wish to be her,

But beyond her perfection is lifelong pain,

The feeling that no one understands her,

They can’t see past her mask and fake happiness,

No one knows what happens behind closed doors,

What they can’t see is killing her,

No drugs or therapy is helping,

Her depression is worsening,

She needs a solution, some kind of help,

But she’s sick of seeking and being let down,

Slowly she becomes taken over.

A timid outsider she has become,

Not a day goes by when someone talks to her,

Her tears fall on the floor,

She’s a stepping stone and everyone laughs at her,

Boys avoid her and girls spread rumors about her,

She lower than she has ever been before,

She is drowning and suffocateing, she needs a way out,

And one night she finds her solution,

Standing in a kitchen chair wearing a thick rope necklace,

Slowly she closes her eyes and dreams of happiness,

Before she steps down and finds blissful grace.

Thought of and celebrated,

Not a day goes by when someone doesn’t miss her,

Boys and girls hear of her fight and preach her journey,

A charismatic nobody gone in a flash of an eye.


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