Her Reality


She was in the corner when I saw her.
She was broken and alone.
Only I could see past her jaded smile.
She looked frozen like a statue made of stone.
Her eyes were not bright anymore
and her voice was full of doubt.
Her chest was filled with pain
each time she breathed in and out.
No one else in the room
saw or even cared to look her way.
They all saw a girl who chose to go this way.
From the sadness in her eyes I knew she had been through a lot.
She didn't choose to be this heavy needy burden.
She didn't choose it at all.
it found her
a small, helpless, innocent child.
It tore her in two and
made her question
everybody's moves.
It decided to break her heart
and beat her till she
was nothing left.
Life had finally broken her
because she refuses to give up the ounce of hope in her soul
I saw she had left.
She tried to let the demons out over and over again.
She cried.
She lied.
She stole.
She swore.
She hated herself till herself was no more.
She looked up at me
only wanting a hug
and I wanted to hug that poor girl so much.
When I tried
something stopped me.
It was the mirror she was gazing through.
Her eyes met mine and I've wondered
how this all came to be her reality,
and my reality too.


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