Her Porcelain Mask


There is nothing to see here. Please, avert your eyes

All you’ll unveil are her secrets and lies.

A porcelain mask that collects drops of fear.

Walk away from the curtain. You do not belong here.

Fore here lye a girl that is selfish and hurt;

A girl that was pushed down and compressed in the dirt.

Though near her friends her smile is luminous,

When no one can see her, it doesn’t exist.

She wallows and screams, her heart shattered like glass,

She hears cliché advice: This too, shall pass.

With a puff of her cigarette, she tries to escape.

No cancer stick can strip her of her own self-hate.

She trembles at the thought of growing into the world.

A departure from home, she is only a girl.

In the public eye she’s an idol; stands for pride and belief.

She wears her heart on her sleeve and hides her scars underneath.

She whispers secrets to Mary Jane about all she is hiding.

None can tell if her blood shot eyes are from the cannabis or crying.

You think she is stronger but she is barely hanging tight

She cannot move forward or backward or give up the fight.        

The epitome of confidence, she glows with the sun,

But as it fades behind the horizon, her great act is done.

She can shrivel back behind the confinements of her door.

Work up tomorrows smile, sobbing, “I can’t do this anymore”

She tries so hard to put forth this glorious first impression

But when it comes to her well-being, there are no answers to her questions.

He dreams of how magnificent she is, as he slumbers in somber

While she wipes at mascara smudges for just a moment longer

She shall remain all smoke and mirrors so one thing stays for certain;

No one will ever dare take notice of the girl behind the curtain.


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