Her Nest.


United States
28° 17' 32.5284" N, 81° 19' 44.184" W

Sitting in her habitat, her comfort zone, her world, thinking of who she is and what makes her that girl, who's known and unknown, grown and ungrown, thinking of possibilities in a life she doesn't own. She seeks health and opportunities. She seeks wealth and unity. She hopes for love and secureness, dreaming of greatness and nothing less. She’s easily inspired through different sources, going through a stage of metamorphosis, continuously reliving and continuously repenting, an intern as a life scientist who is constantly experimenting. She observes and predicts, indicates and concludes. She uses her surroundings as a skit, her ideas being reproduced. She's discovering success, through the deepest holes and the most elevated peaks. Sometimes she's a mess, blurred by pending destinations to seek. She's a replica of imperfection whose decision speaks for itself, going for what it offers, thinking time will later tell. She hopes the sun follows her so her future can shine. Precipitation is not allowed unless she goes back in time. She desires a clear view, exclude the rain, and exclude the thunder. Thunder represents her anger, and rains are tears that are out-numbered.

She settles and wonders. It’s a mesmerized life full of confusion and delusions; attracted by the fantasy of hypocritical illusions. She’s caught up in her mentality confusing fake with reality; mixing emotions with her complexity and technically. Mix all this in a blender and blend for five minutes, the outcome won't be satisfactional. Nothing is magical. Life is irrational. Her self control is what makes her life radical. She has the given participation of choice, that choice can be anything; the choice to back down or the choice to believe; sacrifices, hard work, determination, and goals. Blend all that together and the outcome will be gold; an unexpected road, leading her to what has been told, molding her in preparation toward what her future holds. By then she'll be ready, she'll know who she is, physically, mentally, a positive misfit. She expects greatness along with high expectations. She wants her talent to develop a foundation, with a mixture of anticipation, and a lot of imagination. She wants to succeed without an explanation. She has patience, she has maturity. She never settles for obscurity. She feels relaxed and hopeful, knowing that God is her security. It's obvious her bipolar thoughts enjoy to travel and divert. One day it's in the arctic, next day, in the desert. She seeks to achieve the necessary tools to prepare for the hot and the cold. She prefers blessings over luck, because blessings can't be patrolled. A blessing simply has one identification when luck can be identified with two. You've heard of 'good luck' and 'bad luck', they have no correlation; all it produces is a bad mood. There's no such thing as a bad blessing, a blessing will always convey joy and appreciation. Containing no space for bad luck to intrude, it's an incredible feeling of emancipation. It's freely hers, a gift sent from a witness. Nobody has access to it; it's none of their business.

Now, observing her check list. She has the potential, she has the drive; she has control and wants to be blessed. Life might not be sequential, it's a crazy ride, to reach a goal and achieve a request. She's about to embark in a distinct habitat, a world she doesn't own, and she’s willing to confess. Physically and mentally, she's that girl, who's ready to leave her nest.


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