Her Name Was Lotty

Thu, 08/09/2018 - 23:18 -- fsparks

A shooting star, a flash of light,
A beaming face, so happy and bright


Her tone like honey, her words so fair,
She laughs a jingle, and you stare


When she tells her secret, you keep it close,
A charming spell, which no one knows


She is twinkling starlight, brave, bold and blue,
“Nautica,” she tries, “Don’t you have a clue?”


I see the synergy, the painful plights,
I see the chemistry, the way they write


I hear her words, smoothing the air,
I hear her whispers, her frightened prayer


Her story moves me, her firm appose,
I see her see you, as her story grows


She opens her spark, vibrant, burning and blue,
"Nautica," she cries, “I’ve always loved you.”

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Our world
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