Her name was Dawn.

Thu, 12/12/2013 - 17:49 -- 02_zero


Descriptive Poem.

When I gazed at her beautiful eyes

It was as if the things around me stopped. Goodbye.

The way she laughed, unique in awe

It was just so unfortunate, like a thundering wall.

Choosing her words wisely with skill and precision

It was like a dagger to my heart, one of my toughest decisions.

For like, was a word very distant in her vocabulary

But love, like a flower budding at dawn was never ordinary.

Those boys, who reap and never sow

You treated them with disgust, and brought them low

I was different. Offering help and a gentle whisper

Thoughts could not comprehend, those words only crisper.

You were my Juliet. With love written on your arms

I was not your Romeo. Pushing me away, like passing cars.

Your name was Dawn. A Warrior at first sight, a Princess at heart

 I know that one day, when I might meet you, this time, speaking, with a Heart to Heart.


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