They suppose that time is the best healer

The year passed loneliness was Her concealer

But what if his absence was echoing around Her

As if heavens don't let her forget that heart dealer

Oh !! Her Love was like the changing Seasons

Every moment.....every breath ......was a treason

Thought She found her fidelity but She was blinkered

So She pondered if earth beautify itself for a reason

He was young, wild , lively ready to take off His wings

He was bold and steadfast like the trees in Spring

He smelled like freshly cut grass n was tall as pine

He kissed her in the Spring of March and She smiled

She could feel the warmth already, He was her lover

He was handsome and hot like the winds of summer

He sweated like the rains of June and July

With His arms around Her She witnessed the time fly

The trees clad in yellow seemed happiness was forgotten

She saw pale leaves and dry heart in the noon of Autumn

His lips were chapped He couldn't say or wasn't able

So one eve of September there was a letter on Her table

Winds were changing now, Her blood ran bitter

She signed with crystal tears in the nights of winter

He set Her heart on fire but left Her furnace with fading embers

He was ungrateful like the roses for the sunlight of December

So She meditated a bit and found a way to conclusion

That it is the time She should step outside Her delusion

There is no loss when experience is the Gain

And there is no better experience than the pain

She saw more changing colors than trees in season

But change is the only constant She perceived as Lesson

She kept Him close ,close in Her heart

As She has always appreciated the nature of art

Now that He is gone Her soul is free

Like nobody disturbs a fruitless tree ...


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