Her innocence


The time has come, wanting to make love to her spirit by first squeezing and sucking her lips to quench her thirst, he felt as though he had won the greatest gift of all.
The smile on her face walking down the aisle was indescribable .
I believe she felt free, the choir sang and sang.
With each note she felt pure, her soul is pure, her body is pure, her image is pure, and never did she have to worry about being judged, not by outsiders yet her inner self. 
One night of carefree play would extirpate her innocence; in human nature it is as natural as it is.
Again she felt pure ,her soul is wiped of the black sin, her image is as clear as a crystal ball, she see a future waiting to be created.
I believe she valued her innocence, 
I believe she dreaded the repercussions.
 She dreaded the burns that may have occurred and even experiencing God's miracle.
The bulging belly before it’s time would tell a story, she had sinned, she went against the king.
She is proud. 
The one thing that detached her from the world will be given away, away to the one she love the most but at the right time.
Her soul is pure, her image is pure, and now she is ready to experience many of God's miracles on earth.


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