Her Inner Beauty By: C.E


The social media see's her hidden behind a special feature something we call a filter

Disabling them to see what she truly possess because such things shield her

Like after like feeding her ego

But little does she know

They only dig her deeper into what the people say she should be

If only she could see

Her true beauty

Slowly she feels the pain 

As her tears fall and stain

Her high cheeks like mountain tops

Her skin like Hershey's kisses drops

Deep down she knows she's worth something

Deep down she knows she's beautiful

But why and how?

She cannot take it she must find the answers to such questions now

So let's see

Going on a self-reflection journey

She has wits out of this world

A light that shines as if it was lit by God himself

Her willingness to forgive 

Allows her to achieve and live

With her bold black eyes she has a vision

With such determination she will complete her mission

Fearless of none

She is superwoman

With a cape around her heart only she can feel

The pulsating of her rich blood lets her know its real

Nothing can stop her for she is the master of her craft

Even if some may laugh

She knows what she has

An inner beauty one like no other

Encouraged by such a strong mother

Till the end she will strive

As if a butterfly she will fly

Like no other this is her inner beauty.


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