Her Impact


5 Silver Mine Lane
United States

Dear World, I hope that in reading this,You too begin to know her. She was the calm in the storm,Filling each and every broken crack,and each and every fallen construct.She was the bandaid,Holding me together,So tight yet so warm.She defined the word empowerment,The meaning of strengthAnd through her definition, I learned as well. Her laugh could light the entire world,And if she loves you, it is endless. Her beauty does not stop with her eyes,Or her smile,Her beauty is her strength.Her beauty is her resilience, And her beauty is recognized, Not just by her daughter, That hopes to embody, Her every being,But by anyone lucky enough to break her walls. The heroin of my story, The sun of my scene, My everything. I hope you began to know my mother. Yours Truly,                Allie Bovio 

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My family
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