Her & I

It's not the way that she stares at me
It's the way she speaks words towards me
It's not how she can make my cheeks feel like they are on fire
It's how she can do it with ease

We don't hold hands every second of the day
Just enough that I know she's still with me
We don't hold out long, breathtaking kisses
Just enough that she can feel the love seep through it

When we are apart
I never worry about her looking at other guys
Because at the end of the day
Her gaze still locks onto mine

When we are close to each other
I never worry about my flaws
Because to her
They are the best part about me

Not every relationship is beautiful to everyone
But it's not about how people at look at you
It's about the person you want to spend your life with
And the bond that you share.

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