Her forgotten Halo

I met an angel earlier in my life
She illuminated her own rays that gleamed beauty with every flicker
She had wings that were hand painted by a higher being
A halo constructed of nothing but love
A voice that only spoke melodies
She spoke to me by name and kept a hand on my shoulder
I talked to my angel the other day
Her gleam seemed to be fading
Her feathers have been ruffled
Her halo had been bent
She still remembered my name but placed herself at a distance
I asked if she was okay
She only managed a nod
I lost my angel today
I didn’t realize the damage I caused her
Every forgotten I love you was like a personal pluck of her wings till they were bare
Every moment taken for granted stole her gleam
And every selfish act bending her halo  
See with her halo on her head
And my heart on my sleeve
It only made it easier for us to bleed
I let her go
But I’m tired of sleeping in an illuminated room on a pillowcase of plucked feathers.
Im dying thinking my heart can only destroy
So I ask all of you
If you see an angel with fractured wings and no halo
Tell her I’m ready to flutter her with I love you
That I can return her inner glow
That I propose a trade cuz she took something of mine when she left,
My heart for her halo.


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