Her Broken Home By:Bella W.

A father-- who beat his kid sensless

A son-- who raped his little sister

A mother-- who's on too many drugs to see this

A little girl-- Who wants nothing but a real family in this world.

This is what you see when you walk into my home. 


    Beer bottles scatter the floor

   She asks dad for love, he continues to stall

   He plays with her emotions and goes in and out of her life as if its a revolving door.

   She's learned to compartmentalize how she feels in a replica of all the stores in a strip mall.


But recently shes begun to fall apart--

She seems to be bursting at the seams

She treats that razor to her skin like a form of the most beautiful art.


The love is so scarce, she's begun to starve

She no longer knows what to do

To feed her lingering hunger she picks up the blade and continues to carve.


The little girl has realized she's all alone-

She thinks back to the happier days

Days before she lived in this shattered and broken home.

From before her dad was so cruel, and her mom, in a haze.


To Be Continued...



This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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