Tue, 07/06/2021 - 14:35 -- dejaboo

If I would’ve stayed the same
If I never would have changed
I know I’m the only one to blame

Sometimes I think that
None of it was worth this pain
Look at her success
It’s like she’s from a parallel universe
But it’s a world so diverse
Seven billion people on this earth
But that girl is what I would’ve been
If I could redo it all over again

That Girl
She’s accomplishing my hopes and dreams
Feeling like she’s stealing ‘em from me
Does it bring a smile on her face
Knowing she keeps torturing me?
But she’s too nice to do it on purpose

This is more than a guy
This isn’t even about a guy
Maybe about a lie
The deeper you hide the truth
The worse that it hurts you

Maybe she isn’t even my friend
Was she ever a friend?
Or just another girl I knew?

No matter what they were all her dreams
If it wasn’t her
It might’ve been me
I’ve got a lot to learn

But this has nothing to do with learning or losing
Or revenge or using- 

Swore to myself I would do my best

Swore to myself I would do no less
Time has past since then
Look at this mess

Forget a destination
Got stuck in internal interrogation

Still as a statue
Maybe a toy
Life sucked of me
Forget about boys

How do I know
That everything I have isn’t just a lie?
Pure Luck, that’s it
I ain’t smart
I got nothing to hide

I could suck in my pride along with my pain

If destiny had different plans for me
If it really was a parallel universe
If I wouldn’t compare myself to other girls

Everyone thinks she’s the best of the best
Gossip about her
For a second they all forget about me
and I feel
How they feel
When I’m up drowning my heart away in the spotlight

She can’t compare to anyone else, they say
And no one calls her a nerd
She’s the queen of the herd,
Cause I think I’m a different species

Body of Authority
Gets more respect than she’ll ever need
Did I say she had a lot of intellect?

I have some regrets
Things I want to forget
But my values aren’t all that aligned
And I’d rather not have a near perfect life



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