Did she call you tell you she loved all your songs? Or did she not even open the message because shes expects it all. Does she think about you when your wide awake writing these sad songs or is she partying it up like she's doing nothing wrong. I write about this girl I don't even know she must be one of a kind because your words are starting to show, show me how much she still means wait I already know because you talk about her like she's the star of your show. I can't stand the thought of falling far behind sooner or later ill be saying goodbye you can write her all these songs, dwell on her an wish she was yours , tell her she's great and stay up all night wishing she was in your arms. she can rip your heart into pieces but there's nothing you'll do so run right back to her just as always, but don't you worry breaking your heart is something she loves to do. Slowly but surly you'll be dying inside from your shattered and broken heart, maybe then your realize she isn't for you and by then passed up every girl that could have been for you, so keep complaining because you and I are forever through




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