At that moment, where she was yawning and I took it upon myself to take a peek at those wonderful set of teeth

Was the moment I was swept up off my feet

My eyes would wander upwards and sideways examining the contours of the structure of her face, down to her lips, her jaw, her cheek bones

Until our eyes locked onto each other as if we were having a staring contest

And how I loved to admire her goddess-like features, it was like I was under some type of hypnosis

And God, when she decided to smile it was like the sun had just came up on the horizon and drove all the darkness away

And suddenly, she spoke, as if she had known that I've been so curious as to what the music would sound like when coming from out her beautiful mouth

Her voice interrupted the sounds of reality and spoke wondrously into the depths of me as if she were enchanting me; oh I swear she did

Because till this day, I dream of her

And swear into the sky when I wake up and hug the pillow and think it's her

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My first encounter with love.


Hope you can relate.

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