constantly wondering where her father is.. & why oh why did he leave
She screams repeatly in her head
The regret her mother holds in her heart..
Vurnable is her middle name
Its not her fault not having a dad to
Acknowledge her of this cruel world.
Her mother was there but not mentally. Being that they are both black girls it was okay I said it was okay. To be pregnant as soon as mother nature moves her magical wand over their head. Yeah like I said it's cool, to be a single mother with a "baby daddy" or a "sperm donor"  as my mom would say it. So I sit here writing this thinking will I be the statistic then I looked in the mirror & said hell nahh my mama raised me by herself, but as I grow she will continue to nurture me with the help of him. The man who didn't mind this statistic he showed the world that single black mothers are the best because they know how it feels to not have someone, this goes back to the olden days when slave ships separated us from our love ones,but we grew to forgive but never forget & by the grave we sat next to our mothers mother & smiled realizing that love is still there no matter what shape form or color. I daydreamed for a little remembering that my granny wasn't my color or my type of women. Yeah I like the difference I'm proud to say I'm a child of a slave owner wife daughter daughter I use to be scared to smile because my gums yeah they was not made for a white girl but a girl mother nature worshipped.

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My family
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